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Stay with us at Hölseböke

At Hölseböke Naturhälsogård you can stay in the middle of nature, and enjoy everything it has to offer. Here in Hölseböke’s own wilderness village we offer you a different kind of accommodation in the forest of Halland. You are staying in our comfortable cottages, and can choose in a stimulating array of activities during your stay.


Experience the magical night with a starry sky bathed in moonlight. Here we only use paraffin lamps and fire in a different kind of accommodation where you can get away from electricity.



Hölseböke - Bara Vara

The accommodations are located in the middle of the forest, approximately 800 metres from the farm. We have thinned out some of the spruce forest to allow more deciduous forest move in. The area is intentionally small, so that you can enjoy nature experiences such as the natural darkness and the fantastic calm that permeates the village.


In the area you will find a BBQ cot, three bed cottages, two outhouses, one Indian tepee, a fishing lake with a jetty, boat, raft, kayaks and a sauna.

Bed and Breakfast

You are staying in our cosy 2 – 4 bed cottages, where the interior is completely made out of wood. The cottage space is 10 m2. There is a heater in the cabin in case the night is chilly. For each cabin there is a underground larder where you can keep foodstuffs. Cooking is done in the BBQ cot. Breakfast is served at the farm, in the spa where you can also take a shower.

A Private Romantic Weekend

Bara Älska is a slightly bigger cabin which lies more isolated in a small pasture. Here, couples can get cosy, and feel that romance is never far off. The cottage itself has romantic furnishes and a double bed with a canopy, and outside you can find a hammock for more relaxing moments. Breakfast is served at the farm, in the spa where you can also take a shower.



Why not rent the entire area for your wedding with a small amount of guests? Feel free to visit the farm for more information. The area is also suitable for a hen party with some pleasant activities.

Different Worlds

Would you like to experience more of what Halland has to offer? If so, you should try Different Worlds, which is not only offering you the ocean and the coast, but also the forest and the inland at the same time. Hölseböke Naturhälsogård is cooperating with Grimsholmen Bed & Breakfast By The Sea to give our guests a taste of what Halland has to offer.


Grimsholmen Bed & Breakfast By The Sea offers a charming and idyllic accommodation right by the ocean. Here you can find hidden sand beaches, sun warm cliffs as well as beach meadows.


In this offer you can choose how many nights you wish to do, though at least one night at each site. The offer includes free fishing in the ocean as well as in a lake. The experience is bookable from May to September, and the price can be reduced if you book a whole week.

The BBQ Cot

The hexagonal cot holds approximately 12 people, and it can also be made into a place to conduct a meeting, as the table can be brought out and thereby make more space in the cot. Here you can have a leisurable evening with friends, or perhaps an informal meeting with co-workers.


There is a fully equipped “kitchen”, and the food can be stored in an underground larder. The dishes are done just outside the cot. The food is cooked over open fire.


You can rent the BBQ cot all year around for different activities, and we would especially like to recommend the experience of being seated by the open fire, and be able to study the dance of snowflakes outside in winter.

Outdoors BBQ

An outdoors BBQ has been built at a pretty spot, located close to the lake. Here you can barbeque and spend time together, as there are benches lining the spot. You can sit here and admire the view over the lake at day and the starry sky at night.

The Tepee

In the wilderness village there is a tepee that can be used as a place to meet in. There is a fireplace in the middle which gives the tent an incredible feeling. It holds approximately 30 people,


Why not arrange a different kind of office party or kick off for a stronger sense of “us” at work?

Paraffin Lamps

There are few things as fascinating as fire. The open fire under a starry sky, the warm flicker of a flame behind the glass of a paraffin lamp. At Hölseböke – Bara Vara we only use paraffin lamps, candles and open fire for lighting, heat and bonhomie. We also cook food over open fire in the BBQ cot.

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There is no running water in the wilderness village, so instead the guests can use a so called lake water shower. The shower consists of a container with water which is warmed by the sauna unit, and that can be refilled if needed. You can also bring the soap with you down to the jetty for a bath. There is also the opportunity to take a shower in the spa at the farm.


Fresh drinking water is transported daily to the wilderness village.


In the area there are two newly-built environmental outhouses.