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Bed and Breakfast


Bed & Breakfast (2-4 bed cottages)             380 SEK per person and night

Barn 3 – 8 years                                         350 SEK

Barn under 3 years                                     free (bring bed)


Included in the price are bed sheets and breakfast. The price can be reduced if guests are staying longer than a week.


Different Worlds 


380 SEK per person and night. (2-4 bed cottage or double room including bed sheets and breakfast), at least 2 persons.


660 SEK per person and night (own cottage or single room including bed sheets and breakfast.)






Wild Boar Safari with overnight stay

880 SEK


Vagrant Walk with overnight stay

430 SEK


Nature retreat weekend with full boarding

2490 SEK




Make Your Own Salve

Recipies, lunch and 2 coffee breaks

Cost for ingredients is not included.

650 SEK


Other Activities


Vagrant Walk

Vagrant bundle with snack

50 SEK

Raft (half a day)

Life jackets included

500 SEK


Reduced price at overnight stays

500 SEK


Life jackets included

150 SEK / kayak

Rowing boat

Life jackets included

200 SEK




The Great Cleansing Day
990 SEK
Just Enjoy Day
810 SEK




Swedish massage
340 SEK for 30 mins
Massage bath
200 SEK for 30 mins
Detox sauna
200 SEK
Sauna 200 SEK
Raindrop therapy 650 SEK for 75 mins
Zone therapy

340 SEK for 30 mins,

incl. footbath 490 SEK.

Energy massage 340 SEK for 30 mins
Swedish spike mat
150 SEK for 15 - 20 mins
Footbath 150 SEK for 15 - 20 mins
Vitamin and mineral test
150 SEK for 20 min
E-lybra 800 SEK for 90 min
INTEGRA (kinesiology) 700 SEK for 75 min
Bowen therapy 500 SEK for 60 min
Singlet Oxygen therapy
200 SEK

Contact us if you would like more information or wish to book your experience at Hölseböke Naturhälsogård.


Upon request, we can send an estimation for companies.