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Experience Yourself

At Hölseböke Naturhälsogård you are given the chance of creating your own experiences by combining the accommodations with an assortment of various nature experiences. Here, there are beautiful nature, walking trails, a lovely fishing and bathing lake, a raft, sauna and many other nice ways of experiencing Sweden and Halland.







Nature retreat

If you feel a need for peace and quiet, a chance to get away for a while and find harmony within yourself, Hölseböke Naturhälsogård offers that chance. To feel the soft moss, to listen to the birds and to experience all the scents of the forest – all this gives an incredible sense of endless fortune and satisfaction. Welcome to a weekend with many unforgettable experiences.


Hölseböke Naturhälsogård offers several courses every year where you are able to go into a retreat and experience the nature and silence in a different way. The time is mostly spent outside in the wilderness village.


Look under News at the webpage to find out when a nature retreat is offered.

Wild Boar Safari and Fishing

In this package we are combining fishing with an exciting wild boar safari. Begin the day with fishing in Hålsjön. Here you can try angling or spinning for perch or pike, and you can fish from a boat as well as the jetty. You are welcome to cook your catch (or other food if you have not been lucky enough to catch something) over an open fire.


The next adventure starts in the evening, when we pick you up for a guided wild boar safari. We will be waiting in a shed in the forest where we can see the pigs at a very close distance if we are lucky.


The day can be finished off with a sauna bath once we have returned home.


Hålsjön lies in the area, approximately 100 metres from the cottages. The average depth is 3 metres, and the maximum depth of the lake is 10 metres. In the lake there are two islands where our Black-throated Loon couple are breeding each year. During their breeding period, they do not appreciate visitors to the area.


There is perch and pike in the lake which you are allowed to fish. There is also a boat and life jackets available.


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Heart Trails

Together with the health group at Slöinge Health Care Centre, we have built three small walking trails in the area.


Trail 1 has a lot of coniferous forest and moss, and is marked with memorable quotes which can help you to contemplate yourself and perhaps make you relax more. 


Trail 2 has mostly deciduous forest, and is marked with bird questions. This trail ends at the farm if you start at trail 1. 


Trail 3 mostly runs on dirt roads around the farm. Do visit the ruins of the old cottage. We have cleared some ground together with our neighbours in order to make it easier to see the traces of past times.



You can take a bath from the jetty, as the bottom of the lake may be a little miry. A large step exists at the bottom of the ladder so that you can easily take a quick dip in the water.


There is a sauna just at the edge of the lake at your disposal, with birch twigs prepared. After the sauna, you can go for a quick bath in the lake to cool down. The sauna has space for 6 – 8 people.


If you want to experience something magical, try the sauna in the moonlight with the paraffin lamps lighting up the darkness.


M/S Susanna is a raft with room for 12 – 15 people aboard, and it is propelled by an electric engine. You can slowly float around the lake and enjoy the peace and quiet. Why not bring along a picnic basket, bathing suits and a fishing pole for the optimal experience?