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Welcome to Our Health Spa

There are spa facilities at Hölseböke Naturhälsogård in which you and your friends can spoil and enjoy yourselves for a while. Book some treatments, and enjoy not only the beauty of the surroundings but also your own inner beauty. Why not have a spa weekend and stay in our romantic cottage, or just come here for a break in the everyday life.


We wish to be as environmental and health friendly as possible, so everything used to clean the body in our spa is made at the farm and from ecological and locally produced materials.

Two offers

The Great Cleansing Day

The day starts with a nice walk in the forest and a warm cup of tea. You can then choose one of the following baths:

-          dry, wet or steam sauna

-          detox sauna

-          massage bath


These treatments are included:

-          Singlet Oxygen Energy

-          Swedish Spike Mat

-          Zone therapy (feel free to exchange this to a Swedish massage or Energy massage)

-          Vitamin / Mineral test


Also included:

-          a light vegetarian lunch with salad and coffee/tea

-          relaxing to music in the relax room

-          Bath robe, slippers and towels will be lent to you.


Book a time!

Price: 990 SEK (regular price 1100 SEK)

Estimation can be sent to companies upon request.

Just Enjoy Day

This is the most popular package. There are less things than in the aforementioned package, but this might feel to be just about enough for most.


Choose one of the following baths:

-          sauna (dry, wet or steam)

-          detox sauna

-          massage bath


Choose one of the following:

-          Ayurvedic foot bath

-          Swedish Spike Mat


Choose between the following treatments

-          Energy massage

-          Swedish massage

-          Zone therapy


Also included:

-          a light vegetarian lunch with salad and coffee/tea

-          a snack consisting of fruit and drink

-          relaxing to music in the relax room

-          Bath robe, slippers and towels will be lent to you.


Book a time!

Price: 810 SEK

Estimation can be sent to companies upon request.

Description of our treatments

The following treatments are available in our health spa, and you are also free to combine them. These treatments can be included as health maintenance activities.

Swedish Massage

Several scientific studies have shown positive effects of our Swedish massage such as:

- muscle relaxation

- pain relief

- increased circulation in muscles

- decreased anxiety levels

- decreased levels of stress hormones


We usually combine back massage with relaxing face massage. Sometimes we also add zone therapy or a vitamin and mineral test.


Price: 340 SEK for 30 mins.

550 SEK for 60 mins.

Massage Bath

We offer massage baths with lots of candles and ayurvedic herbs, selected after your body profile. The bath gives balance and relaxation after a stressing day. Feel free to add additional treatments.


Price: 200 SEK for 30 mins.

Detox Sauna

Our sauna is an infrared sauna with ozone according after the recommendation of Dr. Donsbach. He is the founder of many recognized treatments as well as the alternative medicinal hospital of Santa Monica. The sauna helps the body to drain toxins and waste products as well as to burn fat. It stimulates both the lymphatic system and the immune system.


The sauna is built for one person at the time. It is suitable for people with fibromyalgia and joint aches. Best result is obtained with recurring treatments.


Price: 200 for 30 mins


The sauna can be used as a dry, wet or steam sauna. Here you can choose between different ethereal scents such as forest, tar or birch, but you can also pick fresh leaves of birch, mint or lavender in the garden. It can be combined with other treatments.


Price: 200 SEK

Raindrop Therapy

This is an old tradition originating from the Native Americans. You are resting comfortably on a bed and will receive a relaxing massage treatment with scented, effective ethereal oils. The treatment is focused mainly on feet and back.


Price: 650 SEK for 75 mins

Zone Therapy

This is a very old form of therapy as well, and it can be used for cleansing, healing, pain relief and childlessness. There are connections between zones on the sole of the foot and the rest of the body. By applying pressure on these zones, the blood circulation is improved and thereby the functions of the organs. This treatment might be appropriate to combine with a foot bath.


Price: 340 SEK for 30 mins.

490 SEK including a foot bath.

Energy Massage

At this massage, you are seated leaning forward as you receive massage, pressure and stretching. Magnet rolls are also used to get the energy flowing. The massage is done atop of your clothes, and the treatment offers both great relaxation as well as energy.


Price: 340 SEK for 30 mins.

Swedish Spike Mat

The spike mat is a proven treatment from India, and here you are resting on a bed with a sweater or towel between your back and the spike mat. This treatment is recommended for people with back or sleep troubles. It might be appropriate to combine with another treatment.


Price: 150 SEK for 15 – 20 minutes.


The footbath contains ayurvedic herbs and these are chosen for your body profile (Vata, Pitta or Kapha). The footbath is both relaxing and softening, and it also balances your body. It is a great treatment to combine with others.


Price: 150 SEK for 15 – 20 mins.

Vitamin and mineral test

We search for nutrient deficiencies with the help of applied kinesiology. A good diet is not always enough, and nutritional support might be needed. You might need additional vitamins and minerals if you are / have:

- stressing

- wounds, sores or eczema

- ingesting certain medicines

- smoking

- digestive problems

- a chronic disease or medical condition

If you have deficiencies, we will try to find what is suitable for you and the energy disturbances which you have.


Price: 150 SEK for 20 mins.

Relax Room

You are resting on lambskin pelts in our light and airy relax room under a starry sky while listening to relaxing music. You can also feel the heat of the crackling fire in the room.


Meals are served in the relax room.


In summertime, you can also rest outside in the natural garden, and contemplate things for a while in the hammock.