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About Hölseböke and Our Vision

Hölseböke is a beautiful farm with a small wilderness village which we have named Hölseböke – just enjoy. It is located in the middle of the forest by a small lake. It is free from stress with the secluded location, so that you can enjoy the peace and quiet out in the nature.


Our vision is to create opportunities for wonderful experiences for companies, associations, tourists and many others. It is our hope to offer inner and outer harmony with these opportunities, as well as a cosy spirit of togetherness with experiences such as the open fire in the BBQ cot, the romance of staying in a small cottage with a grass roof and the sauna right at the side of the lake.


We also offer activities such as guided, peaceful nature experiences, fishing, rowing and reatreats.


Our latest addition is a health spa with the focus on the inner beauty. We have a large selection of treatments, and afterwards you are relaxing in our relax room or outside in the hammock.


The facilities can also be rented for your own activities. You cook your own food over open fire, or order it from us.

The farm at Hölseböke is an old family farm where four generations have made their living. The terrain is rough and rocky, and it has been strenuous to live there.


The name Hölseböke has been used since the 16th century and it refers to the beeches by the lake. The village is located in the municipality of Falkenberg, in the forest covered countryside. Here are many old meadows with wild strawberries, bluebells, oak, beech and rowan among other plants. You can also visit old landmarks such as stone walls, cairns and islets. Several key biotopes exist in the area, ie areas with particularly valuable forest.


At Hölseböke we keep grazing cattle (cows and sheep) to keep the landscape open. At the farm we also keep dogs, cats and free range chickens.

About Hölseböke

The recreational paradise Hölseböke - just enjoy

The accommodations are located in the middle of the forest, approximately 800 metres from the farm. We have thinned out some of the spruce forest to allow more deciduous forest move in. The area is intentionally small, so that you may enjoy the wonders of natures in a completely undisturbed environment. You will become friends with the natural darkness and at the same time experience the total silence. All of this brings a sense of wilderness, and of becoming one with the nature.


In the area is one BBQ cot, three bed cottages, two outhouses, one Indian tepee, a fishing lake with a jetty, boat, raft, kayaks and a sauna.

Our Business Idea

I, Inger, who is living at the farm together with my husband, have previously worked as a nurse but have slowly gone over to work as a naturopath. Now we have opened up our farm in combination with a new health spa in order to offer treatments. There are many elements in order to keep the human healthy and happy, and in my opinion, it is best to combine treatments with a soothing environment. I have met many clients, both private and corporate, and I have seen a great need to wind down and find yourself again.


Around the time when the family moved back to the old family farm, the idea started to surface. Why not offer others the chance to experience the same thing that we are seeing every day? To enjoy the beautiful nature, smell the many scents of nature and to hear the birds sing.

We are members of Hälsans Natur.