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Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is a way to help your body to get healthier in a natural way, and it contains very many different treatments. Natural medicine is focused on an overall image rather than a single illness.


To be able to work with natural medicine is a noble task as you are allowed to follow the clients’ path to full health and well-being. At Hölseböke, we think it is a privilege to live and work in a natural environment, and we want to use it to strengthen the healing process of our treatments.

Therapist Inger Gustafsson

Inger is a naturopath, and an authorized complementary / alternative medicine therapist. Inger has a long experience of company health care, and combines this with new kinds of treatment.


Leg. Sjuksköterska - 1969 - Malmö Stads Sjuksköterskeskola, Malmö.
Dipl. Zonterapeut - 1993 - Karion, Göteborg.
Dipl. Biopat - 1996 - Svenska biopatiinstitutet, Malmö.
INTEGRAterapeut - 1996 - INTEGRA skolan, Stockholm.
Dipl. Homeopat - 1997 - Stiftelsen Hahnemannskolan, Göteborg.
Bowenterapeut - 2004 - Akademin för Bowenterapi i Norden, Skottorp.
Naturhälsopedagog - 2008 - KYutb, Vansbro, Dalarna

Rehabiliteringspedagog - 2009 - enligt Gunilla Brattbergs koncept, 15 p, Lunds universitet.


KAM (Kommittén för Alternativ Medicin)

Svenska naturläkarförbundet (SNLF)

Hahnemanns Collegium

Sv förening för vetenskaplig Homeopati


We have KAM's quality assurance and liability insurance.

Health Maintenance or Preventive Treatments

Swedish massage

Energy massage

Raindrop therapy

Swedish Spike Mat


You can read more about these therapies under Health Spa.

Therapeutic Treatments


INTEGRA according to Dr. Roy Martina

Bio resonance with e-Lybra

Bowen therapy


Singlet Oxygen Energy

Vitamin and mineral test

Zone therapy


You can read more about these therapies here.