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Natural medicine is a collective name for many different treatments. Inger Gustafsson is a trained naturopath who can offer the following therapeutic treatments. You can in this page read more about their different ways of healing and balance the body – at its own terms.


A biopathic therapist finds in depth treatments that gradually lead to full health. It is a comprehensive therapy which relieves and builds up the body, detoxifies and strengthens the immune defence. Several treatment methods can be used at the same time, in which diet and vitamins/minerals plays a large role. We use a muscle test method to find causes to problems like chronic and hormonal illnesses, stomach troubles, allergies, tiredness, eczema, sinusitis and other infectious diseases.

INTEGRA according to Dr. Roy Martina

INTEGRA is a form of kinesiology which is customized just for you. By using a unique muscle test method, we can find the causes for illnesses as well as the weakness level of the organs. You can also establish the degree of toxins and blockage in the body. In this way, you can track diseases at an early stage, sometimes even before they break out. It is an excellent method to test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as allergies. You are often treated with homeopathic and natural products in combination with diet advice.


Emotional Balancing

With the help of INTEGRA we can easily find emotional imbalances that disrupt the flow of energy. If we are carrying negative emotions, it makes it harder for the body to heal. By stimulating certain spots on the body together with an affirmation as well a training of the left and right side of the brain, you can make the body slowly release these imbalances.


Allergy Test

Stomach problems are a common complaint, where celiac disease or lactose intolerance may be a cause for the problem. Allergy tests done with kinesiology are a good way of finding substance intolerances.


Price: 700 SEK for 75 mins.

Energy Medicine

The human being is a being of energy. Some examples of this are EKG which measures the electrical activity of the heart, EEG which measures the electrical activity of the brain, and MRI which can take images of the organs. These techniques are used daily in the health care system.


Everything is energy, frequencies and vibrations. Our surroundings consist of atoms, and everything has its specific frequency, including our body and its organs. Thoughts and feelings also have different frequencies, and this is one of the reasons to why we like to spend time with some people, because of the energies that they are spreading. We are constantly communicating with our surroundings, both consciously as well as unconsciously. For example, a dog can sense that we are scared even though we are pretending we are not, but we are still radiating the sense of fear and so the dog reacts to it.


Alpha is an instrument which among other things measures various systems in your body such as the energy, nerve, psycho-emotional and hormone system as well as your biological age. Health is about adaption; the body’s ability to maintain balance and its adaptation to different changes. It is an indication of the body’s functional resources and its ability to adapt to stress or strain as an effect of wounds, diseases, etc. We can show and teach you to take control of your health in an educational and easy manner. By understanding cause and effect you can be taught how to interact with your body in a constructive manner.


Here you can find out:

  • Which health status and resources you have.
  • The efficiency of various treatments.
  • The choice of correct exercise.
  • The impact of stress.

Bio Resonance With E-Lybra

E-Lybra is an advanced instrument which works with energy medicine or bioresonance therapy. You are connected to the instrument with electrodes at your wrists and ankles. Simply put, the e-Lybra communicates with the nervous system. In the first phase, the e-Lybra finds what kind of imbalances there are, and it then sends correcting energy patterns to dissolve the imbalances. This leads to that the e-Lybra works with the primary causes of the problems instead of focusing on the symptoms.


The e-Lybra can find weaknesses in the immune defence that may be genetic conditions, and the instrument also strengthens the immune defence before any illnesses are developed. The e-Lybra also analyses over 400 acupuncture spots, and simulates / corrects those which are not in balance. The e-Lybra can increase the energy system as well as calm it down if needed.


Price: 800 SEK for 90 mins.


Homeopathy is a complimentary medicine method in which you use different preparations to help the body to heal. The preparations have different dilutions, and contain various components that strengthen the life force and helps to the body to heal. Homeopaths believe that each organ and each preparation have their own rhythm. Put simply, the ill spot recognizes the rhythm and accepts the preparation. The added energy stimulates physical, psychic and mental healing. The preparations are not tested on animals.


We often use homeopathy in combination with other treatments.

Bowen Therapy

This therapy comes from Australia, and is a relatively new method of treatment in Sweden. It is a very soft and relaxed therapy. Very often, clients are surprised at the swift and visible result. The method is suited for joint, neck and muscular problems, but can also be used on people with headaches and asthma.


One treatment might be enough for acute complaints, but chronic complaints need more treatments, perhaps 3 – 6 times. Certain spots on the body are stimulated by using the thumbs or fingers. This is done by a rolling motion, especially over muscles and sinews. The roll starts a vibration in the body tissues, which in turn lead to changes. Blood and lymph flow are stimulated, and muscle tensions as well as joint blockages are released. Since most of the stimulated spots can be found in the same spot as acupuncture spots, the energy of the meridian system is also affected. The Bowen therapy also affects the nerve functions in a positive way.


More information at http://www.bowenterapi.com


Price: 500 SEK for 60 mins.

Singlet Oxygen Therapy

You are breathing in singlet oxygen energy which raises your immune defence and helps you to clean out toxins in the body. This method is suitable for people with fibromyalgia, asthma and other chronic diseases. The therapy is also used to increase the output capacity of healthy people.